Thursday, May 18, 2006

the boy and life in general

ok..ok..ok!!! here is the freakin pictures you all have been asking after...I couldn't develop fast enough for ya...hope you like them...i included some shots of him with his band cause thats a big part of his life...besides me and God and all that stuff..

sooooo...i am well...really has been a hard couple of weeks...learning a lot about myself and all the things that have been weighing me down.. i am learning to rest...and face fear, and get over having to be 'something' apart from what i am...honestly..i am seriously coming back to a good place with Christ. I realized that so many expectations surround own high standards for my life, and those which were unconsiously placed on me by others...this would lead to my feeling the need to have to perform or live up to an exhausting standard. i know God brought me here to gain some perspective and to gain some health in order to not work myself into the ground..

there have also been a lot of signs pointing to my absolute need to begin creating art...calling myself an artist and making it a priority...Isaac and i went down to wellington for my birthday..(which was sweet) and on our hitchhike back..we were picked up by none other than a woman who was an actress/photographer/ppoet/and film worker..who was convinietly heading straight to the mount (where i live).which is seriously 7 hours north...crazy? yep.

we drove all the way home with her and she basically counselled and exhorted me to make a lot of art! hahha it was random and a moment where God got me at my own game...i was stunned and honored.

isaac and i are good...we hit a rough patch as i was going crazy dealing with my over analytical mind and trying to find ways to get out as it scared me to truly have met someone genuine who really loves me. its amazing and after wrestling with my own fears i have come to a sweet place where i am overwhelmed by the gift of him in my life..he truly is a lovey man and i am so grateful for him...i am a lucky girl...a lucky girl.

on a lighter note....guess whati did for my birthday.....Matt...Cam....Ren...


oh yeah....

it was INCREDIBLE...

i got to see the sets, models, costumes, and was wicked, i nerded out entirely and Isaac saw my true nature...and the whole time i kept thinking..'i can't wait to tell the guys.....they will be soooooo jealous...'

so there...i told you.....yep:)

aside from that i am chillin in the mount till the middle of June...then heading to the south island for 3 weeks....then over to aussie landfor a brief stint...i am trying to sort out whats next but i may be home the end of august...sweet hey:)

i miss you guys and love you...see cam...i took your advice and updated my blog.....(smile)

i even got to touch treebeard....sigh....

Here he handsome isaac:) and me of course...

ok...this is more like it....

another pic....

heres isaac with his band brick vs face..i know that sounds silly....hardcore man...hardcore...hes in red

another band shot

group band shot...isaacs in grey...thumb up...


Blogger Jac said...

wowza! you two are such a hot couple!

(and you look so very in love).

AS IF you got to see the LOTR exhibit.
so jealous right now.
it would have been really cool if you had brought frodo and took pics of him there. though i dont know if ren would part from him for that long. . .

7:55 PM  
Blogger Cam said...


But of anyone, I'm glad it was you Barb. =) Much love. See you in August I hope!

12:54 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

thou... shalt... not... envy.... ach, who'm I kidding! envy factor of a gazillion point 4 over here. That's awesome!

But, cool to see pics of the boy. He doesn't look too sketchy or anything... hehe

3:42 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Barb, why didn't you include me in the to be jealous list? Am I not nerdy enough to be included? Just kidding, hehe.

Thanks for posting some pics - nice to have a face with the name.

You sound well; I'm glad for that.

Bless you.

9:18 PM  
Blogger mariaborito said...

i'm smiling right now. you sound really really good and what could be better than that! enjoy!

7:05 AM  
Blogger isaac te kiwi said...

barb i dunno if i signed up properly, bloody technology
GRRAgaarraRRARARA (that was me turning green, clothes splitting, throwing computer into outer space)

7:21 PM  
Blogger isaac te kiwi said...

oh it worked! now to figure out putting a photo on my page thing

7:22 PM  

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