Tuesday, June 13, 2006

hey kids

hey guys...

i'm back from the dead....well......lets see..

i have been up to lots of stuff....Seriously i am doing great and learning lots and lots and lots...

First off...

Isaac and i are heading down to the south island for a 3 week roadtrip...it will be super fun and i can't wait...yes..yes..we will see al the lord of the rings sets..(much to Isaac's dismay i will be dragging him to it...hahahah)and the south just got a blizzard so we will be jumping into lots of snow! the jealousy is now reversed as i want to be in the peg chillin in the sun...but noooo...i am in new zealand where they drive on the wrong side of the road, eat fish and chips for breakfast and are 'keen' to do everything...

not a fair whine...ok, i take it back...hahah..

sooo, this leads to the next adventure. i basically lost most of the hours at my jobs because it is now winter and business is terribly slow....and as par normal i am broke and trying to think of clever ways to save money...plus i am heading to the south and need to pay for gas....impending pressure is on!

so i went all over town looking for a job....i got a 2 week stint bartending at 'lattiude' a posh bar in the downtown where i get to fake laugh and say...oh stop it you..to the rich 50 year old man who is hititng on me.....a job at beaches...the worst cafe ever where they work you like a dog and then say ' um..barb...i think you might need to repolish those tables...i see a spot..." ahhhhhhh!!!! and finally a job at the dairy up my road...no, not a cow farm but an equivalent to our 7-eleven with a fish and chip takeaway section....this job ruled..basically...i stand there...eat chips, and read magazines....the boss is a sweet dude who explained my job like this:"basically...if a good song comes on the radio...turn it up...if a bad song comes on....turn it off...(insert bellow laugh)" isn't that hilarious! i love that job..its either construction workers or little kids...its the best.

i am only working 3 days each at all these jobs so its quite funny. i have been in a super good mood for quite some time.

Isaac and i are good...relationships are hard work and super lovely.....isaac is patient and always fun...i am a bit of a maniac so hes nearing sainthood any moment now. we are super pumped to hit the south...i for the lord of the rings..he for snowboarding...he has never driven in snow and i can't drive standard...sooo...please pray for us....winnipeg can't help out this time...

also i have been learning lots about my state of mind...i have been seeing a counselor which is helping heaps...please pray for me guys...its really hard but super beneficial. i feel like i am coming back into the woman i always was, apart from all the maddness and expectations that swirl around me. i really want to be free of this stuff and rooted in God once again. i am learning to trust and to relax a bit. it has created lots of upheaval in certain areas of my life, so pray i don't abandon it as i know it will be good at the end. i am really strapped for money and want to jet home but really feel i need to see this emotional/spiritual fight out for a bit longer. i feel on the precipice and don't want to go. i really need your prayer support if thats cool. its something i can't do by myself.

hmmmm...aside from that, i miss you all as usual...

just so you don't feel left out of my lord of the rings adventure...(hhha i'm such an jerk)

i have included some kiwi lingo to practise at home...

keen- to be excited or ready...ie) hey matt, do you want to go to the lord of the rings sets...matt: yea...i'm keen.

heaps- in place of lots....ie) i have heaps of debt, heaps of jobs, heaps of things to do.

choice-really good...ie) that coffee is choice! tony is choice...or just...choice as a response to something you like..

gutted-very bad feeling...ie) i am gutted that i missed that its warm in winnipeg and i am frezzing my little butt off because we don't have central heating...or just gutted.

missus- girlfriend (i was introduced so much as the missus i'm not sure if anyone knows my real name)

kia ora- hello, thank you

yawn- to talk to someone..ie) i had a yawn with jac for awhile

hoon- mootch...can i have a hoon on those fries.



yah dirty-you jerk

how you going-hows it giong

and the list goes on....

it is freezing so please send scarves and toques and mitties...

love you